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Spicer briefing covers ISIS, Russia, protests

Spicer's briefing: CNN vets the claims

Spicer: Sometimes we disagree with the facts

Senate committee approves Tillerson for secretary of state

Former-Bush press secretary says Spicer was 'excellent'

CNN presses Spicer over Trump-CIA appearance

TPP withdrawal is Trump's first executive action

Docs: Trump resigned from over 400 businesses

Calls between Flynn and Russian ambassador under investigation

Monday in America: Trump gets to work

Trump's first day: What's on the agenda?

Trump and Obamacare: Where we go from here

BBC News - Home

Trump executive order pulls out of TPP trade deal

Trident: Defence Secretary refuses to give test missile details

Gorden Kaye: 'Allo 'Allo!'s Rene Artois dies aged 75

Air pollution 'very high' in England, says Defra

Italy avalanche: Puppies rescued from hotel after five days

Ecclestone removed as Formula 1 boss

Michelle O'Neill is Sinn Féin's new leader north of the border

Smarden businessman convicted over mattress 'mountain'

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Every number in the codeword puzzles (Cipher crosswords) grid is 'code' for a letter of the alphabet. Thus the number '2' may correspond to the letter 'L', for instance. All the printable codewords online- (except our Difficult codeword puzzles) - come with a few letters to start you off. Your first move should be to enter these letters in the puzzle grid. The "random" codeword puzzles games on this site have a different level of difficulty, according to the initial number of letters given.
The printable codeword puzzles are available in 3 different sizes: 11x11,15x15,20x20
If you want to learn a language with coded puzzle,thousands of codeword puzzles are also available in Italian,German, French and Spanish language.


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