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Mom, kids missing in Texas flood

Star student among the dead

Gunman opens fire at Walmart

Officer: Baltimore cops in slowdown after riots

Obama loses immigration battle

Sanders puts 1% on notice

Colo. theater shooting suspect wrote of 'obsession to kill'

Rand Paul: GOP brand 'sucks'

F-15s escort flight to NYC

'Free-range parents' cleared of neglect charges

The newest words in the dictionary are ...

This illegal drug is more lethal than cocaine

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New laws promised in Queen's Speech

Family man dies at Dignitas centre

NI welfare reform bill fails to pass

Staying in 'will be Yes in EU vote'

Cold sore virus 'treats skin cancer'

Counting crowds by phones and tweets

Ireland to sell Aer Lingus stake

Muslims 'dehumanised' says Qatar royal

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Every number in the codeword puzzles (Cipher crosswords) grid is 'code' for a letter of the alphabet. Thus the number '2' may correspond to the letter 'L', for instance. All the printable codewords online- (except our Difficult codeword puzzles) - come with a few letters to start you off. Your first move should be to enter these letters in the puzzle grid. The "random" codeword puzzles games on this site have a different level of difficulty, according to the initial number of letters given.
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If you want to learn a language with coded puzzle,thousands of codeword puzzles are also available in Italian,German, French and Spanish language.


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